More and more chrome is showing up on the farm. Learn how tech is getting cozy in the field.

Building Apps for Agriculture With the Team

“I think the industry is best served if people spend more time listening to their customers, rather than telling them what they need.”

Industry insight

The Five Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile

How to make sure your startup survives by avoiding these 5 common no-no’s.

Start thriving

How the Internet Killed the Square

The internet has shape preferences, and they’re more meaningful than you’d think.

Squares are square

Google’s Co-founder Grows Meat; Will It Replace Farmland?

Myriad’s Ryan Raguse the meaty questions regarding the latest in ag-tech.

Get your lab-meat here

The Only Metric That Matters

We have so much data now. Where do you start?

The data golden rule


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