So there’s good news, and there’s bad news. Naturally, let’s start with the bad.
50% of startups don’t make it to the 5 year mark.
Also, I lied and there’s even worse news.
In addition to the 50% of surviving startups, 10% will die off in the following year.
After digesting this chunk of heavy news, I do have a silver lining.
Myriad Mobile just turned 6 years old–––and is in no direction of becoming a stat.

Looking back
With the anniversary of Myriad’s birth, we have a lot to celebrate and look back on. To get a good giggle, peruse through our 5th year birthday post filled with the very first images of Myriad’s life. Really, it’ll make you chuckle at the stereotypical startup cliches we once were living on (foosball table and all). To celebrate this 6th time around the sun, we’re celebrating not only the financial successes Myriad’s made to make it this far, but even more, the cultural wins that have kept Myriad the gritty, agile, and smart company it’s been from the start.

The best way to gage candid thoughts is to reap them anonymously. Eliminating the possibility of finger pointing gets honest, thought-out responses. Being the innovative and curious company we are, knowing what’s working or what’s not is crucial to how things are done. Power to the people: we want to know what they have to say. Take a glimpse at what our employees have had to say through our Officevibe channel about their time working here. Trust me, you’ll get the warm-fuzzies.

We’ll start out nice and easy.

Q: What are some things that Myriad Mobile does well to help you grow professionally? (i.e. autonomy, training, understanding the purpose of your role, etc.)

A: They look at the things you excel at, then try to put you in the best position to succeed at Myriad.


Q: What’s the #1 thing that makes you want to recommend Myriad Mobile as a goodplace to work?

A: At Myriad, we have the latitude to address problems as they come up. We’re trusted to exercise good judgment.

It’s so true!

Q: What’s one thing that Myriad Mobile is doing well when it comes to the values, mission, vision and ethics?

A: Our values and culture are very matched to who we are, authentically, as a team.

Always for the team, absolutely, well said.

Q. What’s one thing about Myriad Mobile that makes you happy at work and satisfied with your work-life balance?

A: help

Sometimes the simplest things pack a big punch.

Q: Why do you think you have a good relationship with your peers? (i.e. collaboration, trust, communication, etc.)

A: I think it’s because the culture is open and willing to share without a lot of judgement, so we can have all kinds of thoughts and not feel like we have to be the same to get along.

This is a brainstorm safe haven. So many ideas can safely grow.

Q: What’s on your mind?

A: I enjoy how it doesn’t seem to matter if you’re male/female/black/white/whatever. Everyone is just cool with each other being themselves. Very friendly work environment while still focused on getting work done. I tell anyone who is interested in my job about the positive and inclusive culture.

Okay. Just wiping something out of my eye here.

In the end

After taking in the genuine things employees have to say about their experiences at Myriad, it truly amps the value of this 6th birthday. There is so much to celebrate on the evolvement of this company in terms of vision, improvements, and direction, but even more it’s the family it now has under its name. Cheers to you, Myriad.


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