Let’s face it – technology in agriculture is growing and changing too quickly for any one person to keep up with it all. I work with a talented group of about 40 professionals who are deep into technology – all things mobile, web, IoT, and (insert other trendy buzzwords here…) Even so it’s hard for me to keep up with it all.

My point in sending this is to help you keep up with it all. No agenda, no sales pitch, no bull. -Peter Schott, Partner

CRISPR is coming

From healthcare to plant genetics, CRISPR-Cas9 is taking the world by storm. You won’t notice any changes in the next year or two but it’s something that will have a big impact on agriculture and healthcare. For example, where other people see bacon, biologist Luhan Yang sees life saving organs — hundreds and thousands of them. We’ll see more pig livers, pig kidneys, and diabetes-curing pancreases (and possibly hearts and lungs) all growing inside droves of pampered swine.

Or, put on your deerstalker and learn about other innovations brought to you by a strain of CRISPR known as Sherlock. You might even be interested to know how the lowly Corgi helped advance plant genetics. I was interested so I wrote an article about it!

These are a few of my favorite Things

Sensors and data (Internet of Things, aka, IoT) are all the rage in ag right now. I’ve been to many an ag trade show in the past year and seen booth upon booth with a few things in common: field map images, promises of better yields, and drones…lots of drones. The secret? Not many of the companies are profitable.

The bare truth? There’s a tidal wave of investment dollars coming from Silicon Valley. Investors have poured more than $10 billion into ag tech inventions since 2014, according to AgFunder, an online marketplace tracking the sector. The exciting part? (Caution, buzzword approaching.) We are headed to “agriculture 4.0” courtesy of innovative companies, big and small. The trick is to be cautious about who you choose as a partner, they may not be around in a year.

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