Feed your knowledge on the technology disrupting the feed industry. Also, you’ll want to get your fix on the 4 other biggest technology trends.

Utilizing IoT to Secure, Optimize Data in the Animal Feed Industry

“We all know that animal production is a complicated business.”

Feeding the feed data

Firefox Fights Back

The message isn’t subtle: Firefox 57, a massive overhaul due November 2017, is ready for battle.

Fear the fox

Search-Log Analysis: The Most Over Looked Opportunity in Web UX Research

Your website’s search engine can tell you everything you’ve been looking for.

Peer into the crystal ball

Can Augmented Reality Solve Mobile Visualization?

“By augmenting your reality, AR puts screens everywhere and nowhere at the same time.”

Get visualizing

The End of Typing

The next billion mobile users will rely on video and voice.

Thumbs no more


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