Life hacks on how to not be replaced by a robot? Yes, it’s real and its’s here. Also, there is some serious pizza inspiration (and more) in this week’s Tech Hotdish.

Myriad Mobile Delivers New AGWEEK App

AGWEEK added a new way to keep up with the latest ag news.

Fresh from the farm


Delivering On the 300 Rule

Domino’s disruption and owning failure to succeed.

Get the slice


How To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot

There is growing concern everywhere about the impact of automation on the job market.

Survival of the chromest


How We Built Automated Support

“Successful companies tend to have a deep, fundamental empathy with their users.”

Game changer


Introducing: The Light Phone

It’s a phone…designed not to be used?

Well, that's confusing



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