The realest news in ag, visualizing what 5d looks like (whaaaaat), magical technologies, and oh, a rags-to-riches success story. Get a little bit of everything in this week’s Hotdish.

No Bull: August Edition

“As great as technology may be, if it’s not easy to use for the farmer or feed processor or whoever is going to use it, then it hasn’t done us any good.”

Let's get real

5D, Holograms, & DNA: Amazing Hard Drives of the Future

The next generation of data storage is unreal.

Gimme, gimme, gimme

The Limiting Factor of Voice and Dictation Adoption

“This blog post is dictated and edited entirely by voice.”

Look Ma, no hands

The Don’ts That Turned Alexis Ohanian Into the Leader He is Today

A case study on Reddit’s co-founder, and the journey from failure to success.

Leadership 101

Magical Technologies Just Over the Horizon

The products that really wow us seem like pure wizardry.

No spell book needed


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