Myriad Mobile.” It’s understandable how many outside groups of people may assume that as a company, we strictly make mobile apps. We think that it’s probably, um, the “mobile” part in our name. On the daily, it is not an uncommon occurrence that visitors will come in and state, “Say, I have a great idea for a game/tool/hack that I’d love to have whipped up to make $109,237,023 ASAP!” While we are always applauding the next Amazon-ians, Steve Job-ians, and Uber-ians, the fact is that it just doesn’t work like that. Yes, we make apps, and we love watching clients’ ideas come to the coolest level of techy life, but there’s much more to Myriad Mobile than apps. A lot more.

Debunking the Mobile Stigma

Let’s visit history first. Here’s the scene. 2010, Jake Joraanstad and Ryan Raguse agree to be business partners during their senior years at NDSU. With the tech wizardry of making apps on their own, in addition to the business smarts to crunch crucial numbers, a business takes form.

“Hey bro, let’s start a company,” someone probably said. “Yeah, bro, okay,” someone else probably said. While I’m guesstimating at how the initial brain-child came to be, (come on, I wasn’t in the room at the time), it’s for certain that the initial beginnings of Myriad differ significantly from where we are today.

Let me reiterate: we love making apps. Really. Honestly. It’s the best. But, like all metaphors that strangely apply to something in nature and depict blossoming/transforming/molting, we just have grown. We’re proud of our roots, but we know to stay alive in this hyper-competitive industry we need to stay agile and diverse. Which means being more than just an app company.

What We Actually Do

So it’s probably confusing. I’ve gone on to say how WE DO NOT ONLY MAKE APPS; you’re probably wondering, “Well, what do you actually do then?”

I can start with our consulting. We have deeply driven strategists here that can sniff out trouble ahead for a client and immediately give them the tough-love they need in order to succeed. That’s not something you get when you “just make apps.”

Then there’s our design team. We have the most scrupulous, creative staff on board that ensures not only visual beauty for a project, but more importantly, smart UX that guarantees flow and coordination for the user. That’s not something you get when you “just make apps.”

Have you ever taken the time to consider how your project was accomplished in such a comprehensive and cohesive manner? It wasn’t just an act of fate. It was an attention to detail and client requests from our QA team. Code bugs don’t have a chance against their affinity for perfection. That’s not something you get when you “just make apps.”

To be fair, our developers do make apps. However, their capabilities go so, so, so, much further. I honestly can’t stress enough how scary smart the technology that they create is. AI and VR are buzzwords in technology media, but our development team isn’t phased as they tinker and construct applicable ways for these trends to be more than just a cool YouTube video to ogle. Once again, that’s not something you get when you “just make apps.”

Our Real Identity

To not beat the concept to a pulp, I’ll just say what we are. We are a mobile and web custom software company. This means we are happy to bring clients’ plans to mobile. It also, and more importantly, means we can do so much more for our clients. We are not “just an app company.” At the end of the day, no matter what verbiage is used, we are just a client-success driven company. And that’s one label we’ll happily wear.

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