At Myriad Mobile we know that office culture cannot be stressed enough. According to a study described in Forbes, office culture has a greater impact on company performance than previously thought. In this study, “Dr. Proto reminds us of the key causal relationship between employee happiness in their workplace and their general productivity.” This translates to happy people = better work.

In a business setting, the latter cannot be compromised.

Science in the Office

Through the many transitions that occur in creating a startup, culture is typically the first “superfluous” area of the business that is infringed upon. In theory, it could be understandable that sacrificing some happiness and wellbeing here and there for overall profit would make sense. Think again.

Not only do happy employees produce more effective work, but these energetic workers are less likely to leave their job. Similarly, less-energetic and uninvolved employees are more likely asked to leave. When comparing these studies, a few simple truths become evident.

A happier environment produces more satisfied workers, happier workers pump out more energy, and finally, this surplus of happiness results in better work.

Top (Happiness) Dog

At Myriad, we’ve found our stride in the happiness department. With centralized feedback programming such as Officevibe, employee input is taken very seriously. So seriously that Myriad just joined a prestigious 99 percentile rank of Officevibe users in overall happiness. “This score is better than 99% of all companies using the premium version of Officevibe (across more than 90 countries around the globe).” Wow. You could say that news somehow made us even happier.

Taking a deeper look into our Officevibe scoring, we gained an exact 8.8/10 scoring. What this means is that on average, Myriad employees are very engaged in their work. Recalling back to the studies discussed, Myriad fits snugly into both categories of happy people making better work, and happy people not getting fired. There’s a stat we want to be a part of.

With the insane growth going on around here, it is no cake for Myriad to sustained employee’s happiness. Sudden changes, new social grouping, and even different faces to see every day can add up to a big, hot, stinky mess of office unhappiness. We have added 18 employees since the end of May. That is a 57% growth that still has acquired 99% better happiness in comparison to other companies. We attribute a large portion of this success to our veteran employees, by assisting with the onboarding process they’ve been able to make the fresh faces in our office feel welcome from the very beginning.  

You Are What You…Work

The importance of office culture often has a stigma attached to it. It portrays exhaustive company meetings, doling out HR requirements, or severe opaqueness within sensitive company issues that leave everyone out of the loop. With Myriad’s happiness meter off the charts (almost), we’ve found a way to embrace office culture without the stigmas following. Communication, transparency, and results are our ingredients to happiness and productivity. We’ve bought into what Officevibe means when they say, “Employees are ambassadors for the organization.” Our ambassadors just have an extra pep in their step.

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