Our picks for this week involve a walk through design history, back-to-school technology, Facebook’s milestone, aaaaand everything you need to know about the newest iPhone release (plus an article that suggests a hidden agenda with technology taking away our humanity. It’s fine).

A Look At the Past and Future of Design

Examining 5 trends in the last 5 years that point towards the future.

It's an archaic future

Back-to-School Season: Myriad’s Work in Education

A shift in the education industry starts here.

A+ in innovation

Eliminating the Human

Technology’s secret agenda to remove all contact.

Safety behind the screen

You Are the Product: Facebook’s Historical Marker

“At the end of June, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had hit a new level: two billion monthly active users.”

Soooo many likes

The Entire Low-Down On Apple’s Newest Release (s)

iPhone 8, and 8s, and X, oh my!

Mind = blown


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