How people can control clouds, AI for CMS and Android, revamping outdated design tools, and oh, a casual psychological phenomenon plaguing a generation. Happy reading.

SciFi in Ag: Harnessing the Clouds

“The future might include calling someone to ship you a cloud from the ocean to water your field when it’s too dry.”

Power to the people

AI Will Fundamentally Change How We Manage Content

Content management is about to undergo a foundational shift.

Content facelift

InVision Freehand: A 21st Century Case for Digital Whiteboards

“It’s essentially a lightweight, collaborative digital whiteboard.”

Old dog, new tricks

AR Comes to Android

AKCore will enable AR development for the entire Android ecosystem without the need for specialized software.

The bot gets even cuter

The Great Tech Panic: Breaking News Edition

“With each snap, tweet, or post: a reminder of what separates you from them.”

Addicted to FOMO


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