In this edition of our Weekly Tech Hotdish, there’s the entire scoop on Myriad’s latest accolade. After that round of applause, a deep dive into the wild, unknown world of UX design splashes out optical illusion tricks, AR designs, and how overall, the industry stands in a new direction. Brand story-telling gives light to new businesses, and finally, at long last––Chrome no longer will autoplay content with sound. A long-expected end to an annoying era.

The Value of Happiness

Myriad Mobile ranked in the prestigious 99 percentile of happy companies.

Can't stop, won't stop

Optical Effects In User Interfaces (For True Nerds)

How to make optically balanced icons, correct shape alignment, and perfect corner rounding.

It's visual wizardy

There Are Only Two Ways To Tell Your Story

The philosophy of how you present your brand.

Let's get philosophical

Chrome Will No Longer Autoplay Content With Sound in January 2018

Say goodbye to spontaneous and awkward interruptions when opening sites.

Yaaas Chrome

What Does the iPhone X’s AR Engine Mean For UX Designers?

The next generation of UX means incorporating everything AR.

In relation to augmentation


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