Sometimes blunt advice is the best advice. And boy, oh boy do we have that this week. So you’re not a Picasso of design. This doesn’t mean you’re limited to subpar designs. Find out how you can make simple changes to make your own work, well, not too shabby.

In this age, data equates power. You just cannot get enough of it. Netflix is enroute to being harnessed by Nielsen to gage specific numbers of users streaming––including more personal information.

Because more is more, a dual screen phone has been in the works towards creation. Two screens in your hand. Double the amount of information, and hello, #socializing.

I bet you’re not aware of the current war that’s happening right now. Yep. There’s an internet plant bot war waging right this second amidst us all and you really need to check out the facts on the little fighting bots.

Finally, let’s have some fun. In the spirit of the spookiest season, we have 10 costumes perfect for anyone who works in tech. SpoOoOoky creative.

How Not To Suck At Design

A 5 minute guide for the non-designer.

Fair enough, tell me how

Measuring Netflix Users

Nielsen will now measure TV audiences on Netflix to gage scary specific details on who’s streaming.

A 'Flixer census

ZTE Wants To Make Dual-Screen Phones Happens

“Think of it like a smartphone sandwich.”

I need more thumbs

The Waging War Of Plant-Internet Bots

“Internet bots got smart. And went to war.”

Duke it out 'lil bots

10 Halloween Costumes Only People In Tech Will Understand

It’s relevant and fun. Enjoy!

Spooky fun


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