What if I told you that your basic intuition using your phone has now trained you to behave in certain ways. Not a big deal, right? So you can unlock your phone in your sleep and automatically punch in your Apple ID. Well then. Now we have issues. Check out the article on a conceptual hack that stems from iOS users’ unconscious obedience.

It’s October which means it’s sugar beet harvest season. To celebrate, we wrote a case study on an app we made specifically for sugar beet harvest. The Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative app has gained a 100% adoption rate amongst its farmers and has made the sugar beet harvest a heck of a lot easier. Don’t believe me? You should probably just read the study for yourself.

What’s better than one smart speaker system? More speaker systems. Microsoft unleashes Crotana’s own smart speaker system on to the market. Basically, it’s pretty similar to Alexa and Google Home but has a way sassier name. Cortana. Now that’s fun.

As a software company, it’s just needed we bring in an article to our Tech Hotdish that gets deep in to the app production process. It’s not always a simple process. It’s not always a stress free process. Bringing in a culinary metaphor of onions, this article shows you how your app doesn’t have to destroy your life. Goals, right?

Finally, as it is our favorite way to wrap up any piece with a little Halloween precursory, we have apps that makes your Halloween way, way more intense than you could have imagined (or thought you needed—until now).

Happy reading!

sugar beet peeking in the dirt

Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative: A Myriad Mobile Case-Study

A case study on the app that’s changing sugar beet harvest forever.

What a sweet read

Easily Get An Apple ID Just By Asking

How iOS users are trained and why this can be verrrry costly.

Well that can't be good

Cortana Gets A Speaker Of Its Own

Not one to be left out of the party, there’s another smart wireless speaker.

Cortana, let's party

Your App Is An Onion: Why Software Projects Spiral Out Of Control

“It’s as if the project has a life of its own and is trying to destroy your life.”

Mince the madness

Best Halloween Apps 2017

Halloween is way more fun when you can use technology to bamboozle your friends.

Abomninal apps


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