At Myriad Mobile, improving the agriculture industry is our passion. We seek out the tools, means, and technology, especially mobile apps, needed to solve problems that have existed since the beginning of the industry. Agriculture’s transformation from “by hand” to technology-driven, has accelerated the industry years ahead of itself––and it’s nowhere near slowing down.

It’s no secret that sugar beets are a crop that have a lot of risks. When harvested, sugar beets are placed in piles. During this time, a steady temperature level must exist for the crop to stay usable. This temperature is important because of spoilage. When sugar beets spoil, bacteria eats the sugar as food. This is problematic as farmers lose out on selling those spoiled beets, therefore losing revenue. Additionally, spoiled beets need to be processed in order to cease further spoiling, which tacks on extra time to get the beet ready for consumers.

Millions of dollars are on the line for growers if something as simple as a warm pile-up of beets occurs. Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative sought out a way to better equip their growers for any problem on the farm, and supply them with a new type of defense: a mobile app.

In 2013, Minn-Dak and Myriad began forming the first steps of a mobile partnership. The two sets of teams were able to marry the two different industries together to create an impactful product. Because of Myriad’s inside experience in app development for agriculture, our team has a strong sense of what products and features would be best to assist the Minn-Dak’s growers. Through consulting sessions consisting of elimination and suggestion, an outlined roadmap came to be, with Minn-Dak’s growers as the focal point.

With Myriad’s extensive iOS development experience, Minn-Dak received a mobile app that streamlined crucial data for its growers. This data includes real-time scale tickets, truckload tracking, and weight data. The final features chosen were selected due to their importance in the process that leads to a successful sugar beet corp and delivery system. Reaching beyond the initial problem of sugar beet temperature management, this app brought real-time scale tickets, truckload tracking, and weight data to its users. Growers have been given the knowledge they need with the peace of mind they want.

With development, design, strategy, QA, and more, implementation of Minn-Dak’s mobile app for Android & iOS came to life. Within development, our team sought out the most important, desired, and functional features growers should have. Implementing real-time information meant that every piece of data available to the growers is as up to date and precise as possible.  

Technical competence is a key factor in app creation, but not the only consideration. When developing an app, the user on the other end is always in mind. Myriad’s design team plotted a UI so sleek that any user with limited technological savvy would have an easy enough time utilizing the app. Our designers knew that the app shouldn’t be complicated or showy. Glitz and flares do not belong on the farm, nor do they belong in a tool used by farmers. An elegantly crafted app for growers to get the job done right is what was needed and what was delivered.  

The Minn-Dak Co-op app provides a plethora of data that keeps growers informed of the latest advancements and developments within the agriculture field. In April 2016, R&D Director, Mike Metzger, confirmed over 90% usage rate of the app. It’s been such a phenomenal explosion within active growers that the app has become a Minn-Dak “staple.” Minn-Dak’s leadership team sought out a way to conjoin the polarizing parts the agriculture industry is currently facing. The average age of growers in the US is 50 years old. This leaves the new generation of farmers coming into the industry (those under 50 years old), seeking ways to eliminate antiquated parts of the industry. This elimination calls for the rise of technology to solve problems that were previously dealt with in much more complicated and slower ways. Keeping in mind the diversity of users behind the screen, our team made sure to construct an app that leaves no user in the dust.

Due to the success of the first iteration of Minn-Dak’s app, Myriad and Minn-Dak have teamed up once again to expand the technology previously implemented in the app’s internal systems to reflect the advancements made within the industry since. The most recent addition to the updated partnership with Minn-Dak includes a wired hardware box. This tool is used to scan a scale ticket, from which a beet’s temperature is gathered. What used to be many pieces of paper in a multi-step process now exists in one location, simplifying the process for all involved.

Myriad Mobile is excited to tackle the growing opportunities that are arising within the agriculture industry with the evolution of agriculture tech. Our partnership with Minn-Dak  produced an innovative app that will work to the benefit of farmers for years to come. This partnership signifies only the beginning of our expansion within the agriculture tech industry. While our history includes multiple forays into the agricultural field, we are excited to embrace many more dynamic partnerships, such as the Minn-Dak project, within the exciting field of app development.


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