“Agriculture” is in the process of becoming “ag tech.” It’s no secret that agriculture, as an industry, has gone through a pretty drastic facelift over the past couple of decades. With the opportunity of market share in the 3 trillion dollar industry, the previously viewed country-simple way of life has immensely changed. This shift takes away a bit of the sweat, tears, dirt, and blood to add a little dexterity to a farmer’s life. Ag tech now is the average farmer’s tool of choice.

Ag Tech: The Best Is yet to Come

You need the right combination of industry knowledge and industry experience in order to create good ag tech products. At Myriad Mobile, we take pride in our team of ag tech experts. Within every sub-team, we have the smarts and resources to bring every need a farmer might have to his or her mobile phone. Farm apps have become a leading force in the ag tech industry. The desire for a small, sleek tool to do multiple tasks and make life better has, understandably, swept the farming community. While the demand might be present, actually architecting the technology is a different story. There are a number of factors that limit app production companies, ranging from a misunderstanding of the industry, to lack of required technology. Too many companies seek to capture their portion of the market without fully considering the user behind their apps. This disconnect results in poorly crafted, useless, and overall wasted, apps. Myriad Mobile’s team has tirelessly sought ways to step away from this tech-stigma and instead focus on what matters most––the farmer.

Four Apps That Are Changing Agriculture

Our goal has and always will be to provide technology that will genuinely improve the lives of farmers. We have four impressive agriculture focused apps that have influenced thousands of farmers and the way they oversee their operations. Check out the unique apps we’ve made to see how we’re envisioning the future of the ag tech industry.

Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative 

Midwest-grown sugar beets impact millions of consumers in the US and around the world. From the beet itself, to the by-products made from it, this crop’s influence is unattested. From the ground to your sugar bowl, a multi-step process with costly risks is used to tend, harvest, and process with crop. With any crop, there’s a lot of money on the line. Small mistakes can result in major deficits. The Minn-Dak Growers Cooperative sought out a way to eliminate this vast margin of error. Looking for an efficient and sleek tool to help growers have their best season yet, Minn-Dak knew Myriad would be the best choice to partner with.

By developing an app that pulls aggregated real-time harvest data, scale tickets, truck weights, trucks loads, and real-time quotas, Myriad was able to supply sugar beet farmers with all the information they need––all in one place. Four years later, Myriad is teaming up once again with Minn-Dak to create a wired box that scans sugar beet temperatures to present on scale tickets. One spot, no paper, absolute accuracy. From the overwhelming support of 100% adoption rate among growers, you could say this app is changing the game.


As an agriculture staple brand name, Conservis needs to be at the forefront of all agriculture related technology and advancements. With their 8 billion dollars in land, equipment, and crop assets, messing around with half-baked technology just wasn’t an option. Myriad Mobile’s deep knowledge of agriculture software enabled us to be a perfect partner for Conservis. Conservis knew that the best route for farm management would lie in an app and Myriad agreed wholeheartedly.

There’s never enough data for a farmer. Each number accounts for a next step or a way to retroactively solve problems. Myriad’s team crafted an app that provides security around their data while still being easily accessible to farmers. Thanks to the partnership with Myriad, farmers can now specifically track inventories, manage yields, and keep up with field activities all within the convenience of a mobile app. A few swipes here and there reduces hours of physical upkeep logging data.

Meta Farms

Pig farmers have a lot of needs that differ from crop farmers. The upkeep and demand of knowing precise information on pigs requires robust tech to do the job right. While Meta Farms had technology prior to partnering with Myriad, some refresh and upkeep was needed. Myriad’s development team crafted an app that integrated with Meta Farm’s current software to save time, money, and overall pig farm management. Our in-house designers constructed thoughtful UX/UI for the Meta farmers to keep track of all their data without getting lost in the process.  

Two different apps were made for Meta Farms that updated the way pig farmers operate remarkably. The mortality app tracks how many pigs died and the reasoning behind it. While this isn’t the sexiest of tech endeavors, it provides crucial data that farmers need to know. Access to other farmer’s rates calls for a comparative analysis on the overall status of pig health. The second app created for Meta Farms included an offline friendly SoW app for iPad. From this app, farmers are able to easily track and log wean, breed, and farrow information all within the barn. The health for the herd now starts with these apps for Meta Farms.


Bushel is the grain industry’s first automated mobile platform. A product belonging to Myriad Mobile, our team hatched the idea of an agriculture based app in 2016, and then in July of 2017, we launched! Ever since that time, Bushel has internationally boomed. With over 75% adoption rate and thousands of farmers utilizing the app in their day to day operations, it’s no question that Bushel has made a heavy footprint in the ag tech industry. Real-time scale tickets, cash bids, contracts, futures, price later tools, and prepays all for the grower from the elevator has increased not only efficiency but  the overall relationship between growers and elevators. We are in no position to slow down and are frequently implementing new features in an effort to help more farmers every day.

Crafting the Future at Myriad Mobile

Agriculture’s transition into the technological world has been nothing short of fast and data-driven. At Myriad Mobile, we’re pumped to be on the innovation track, and maybe even a little ahead of the curve. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve within this exciting and fast-paced industry. If you want to learn more about the app creation process, or discuss crafting an app of your own, feel free to send us a message.


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