This week’s Tech Hotdish includes Myriad’s ranking to the Inc. 5000 2017 Fastest Growing Companies list. 1 in 3 companies make the list twice, and doggonit, we did it. Cheers to that. We’re also reading design habits that affect primitive brain functions that have existed from when we still dragged our knuckles. As a species, we have evolved (obviously) a great deal to be playing app games to assist in scientific research for Alzheimers. It’s absolutely amazing. Rounding up the rest of our weekly picks, it’s story time from a techneprenuer who dishes his three main takeaways on technology in the Midwest. Finally, a review on Bose’s newest travel headphones that include Google’s AI to talk to you. Yes. That’s right. Google will be whispering into your ear, in a cool, not creepy way. Happy reading!

Myriad Makes Inc. 5000 2017 Fastest Growing Companies

We made the list––again.

Twice as nice

Using Games To Find A Cure

“A game to crowdsource Alzheimer’s research is already treating one of its worst symptoms: helpfulness.”

This is amazing

First Impressions Matter: Design and Cognitive Processing

“A large extent of cognitive processing happens before we direct our conscious attention toward it.”

Design for your inner caveman

3 Vital Lessons I Learned Starting Up In the Midwest

We know we’re Midwest blessed. But not all technepreneurs find instant appeal to the MW.

Life on the Silicon prairie

Bose Injects Google’s AI Into Its Killer Travel Headphones

Your newest travel buddy: AI.

I want Google in my ear


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