The biggest tech monsters each have their piece of the crazy stock market pie. With 2017 standing as a mega year in new releases, the market has become more competitive than two raccoons fighting over the last burger wrapper in the trash can. It’s intense. What just became even more insane is the recent co-alignment of Amazon and Google concepts–––to take down Apple. Sharing an enemy is the easiest way to be friends, right?

Speaking of Apple, you’re probably well aware of the latest iOS 11 update. A lot went down, but for sure the most evident change was the app store makeover. Suddenly the store was a breathing novel, with content based app descriptions flowing through every minute. This huge shift means publishers need to take into consideration something very particular.

Did you know the web has been dying slowly? For the past 3 years? Yep, the foundation of our digital life is now nose diving into concrete. You’ll want to know why this is happening.

Myriad Mobile has always been a strong advocate of 1 Million Cups. A place for entrepreneurs to do their thing and gain traction is at the top of our favorite things. We’re no stranger to the stage. Myriad Mobile teammates have presented a handful of times on various projects. However, our latest appearance at 1MC was an entirely new ball game. Find out why.

Designers have their own language. From white boarding to wire framing, there’s a lot of verbiage that gets tossed around. In the endless attempt to produce more efficiency, being on the same page with these terms could save serious time in the long run. Take notes from this article to start being the best communicator (and go-getter) for your team.

Google and Amazon Are Spearheading A Quiet Gadget Revolution

Why it’s going to spell out trouble for Apple.

Apple crisp, am I right?

What the iOS 11 App Store Redesign Means For Publishers

Apple is cranking out even more apps the to store. With a twist.

Words on words on words

The Web Began Dying in 2014

Take a look at the web’s slow death, and what it’s leading to.

RIP .com

Myriad Mobile at 1MC

What made our last presentation way different than any of our other appearances at 1MC.

The big unveiling

Whiteboard Design Language

“If we abide by a common language it’d allow us to talk about early stage ideas clearly with one another.”

Deciphering designs


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