The self-driving car has been on techies’ brains since the Tesla started sparking the possibility. It’s been an ongoing concept for quite some time, with no definitive roadmaps. Until now. The startup Embark has been putting proof to the concept by automating trucks to transport refrigerators. In no time at all will you be seeing more of these robotrucks cruising on the highway.

You like to success. So do we. We love it so much we even wrote down what it takes for us to succeed. Check out our 7 steps to success so you can start succeeding too! You’re welcome.

To be a designer, you need to be adaptive. So adaptive that you kinda need a whole new set of skills in order to get hired. Yep, many employers today are requiring designers to not only have UX qualities, but additionally UI. You’ll want to go through this article if you plan on getting hired.

Startups do not have it easy. Everyday is a challenge in order to defy all odds of surviving in the market. Sometimes startups could use a little help—from failed startups. In a “what not to do” style, here is a compilation of advice given from failed startups. Avoid these things to stay out there.

In strategy, everyday you must make decisions. Yes, let’s go forward on that feature. No, that platform isn’t necessary. It’s not always easy deciding, however. In this article, learn how different choices of words can help you make the better decision. Trust me, just say yes to this one.


Self-Driving Trucks Are Now Delivering Refrigerators

There’s a chance your new fridge hitched a ride with a robotruck.

I'm jealous of that fridge

Myriad Mobile’s 7 Step Plan For Success

“We believe success is a journey, not a destination.”

Start succeeding

Making the Leap From UX Designer To UX/UI Designer

Employers now expect designers to have not only UX expertise but also UI design skills.

Designer of trades

7 Lessons From 100+ Failed Startups

“For every 10 startup you see in the market, 11 of them will fail.”

What NOT to do

Strategic Prioritization Using “Even Over” Statements

Strategy is about choice. It’s about making tough calls. It’s about favoring one good thing over the other.


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