Myriad Mobile is no stranger to One Million Cups. As a weekly hub event for Fargo’s growing entrepreneurial community, it makes sense that our team has had active appearances on that stage. What made CEO Jake Joraanstad’s last presentation at 1MC different from any other time was his announcement to the community––Bushel.

On November 1st, 2017, Jake’s presentation kicked off with the freshly released Bushel video.  With client success stories from Hunter Grain Cooperative and Arthur Companies, our team presents the real life problems real growers face everyday––and how Bushel is the answer. Grower Jason Richtsmeier of Hunter Grain explains,“We deliver our grain, and get our tickets, and we’d have to put them in an Excel spreadsheet and add them all to get our totals.” Bushel works by eliminating this multi step, and often prone to error process in order to implement streamlined automation. Automation is key to success in the upcoming agtech boom, and Bushel has harnessed it to its core. As the grain industry’s first automated mobile app platform, Bushel thrives from being ahead of the curve. By showcasing Bushel’s history, features, triumphs, and future, Jake’s 1MC presentation truly gave the full spectrum of our team’s work.

A division of Myriad Mobile, Bushel has been branching further and wider every day. With 4,500 active growers to date, and no indication of slowing down, the agtech product is amping up the industry with every download. The opportunity to present at 1MC brought a numerously vast audience. Rich questions, useful suggestions, and the ears of many helpful attendees made this 1MC one for the books. What was the purpose of this event? To ask farmers to tell their local elevator about Bushel. Sometimes you don’t know what you need if you don’t know what’s out there. Bushel is out there, ready to harness the best relationships between farmers and elevators.

A highlight of the event included teammate, Camille Grade’s farmer-father stopping in to check out the assets he so graciously modeled for. Thank you for being the face of Bushel, Tim!