Autumn has always been a notoriously impactful season for the tech industry. With updates & releases out just in time for consumers to start saving up for their upcoming Christmas shopping, autumn is a technological mind-blowing haven. October had an impressive run during this time, and you need to know all the gadgets that are freshly up for grabs.

Agtech is a hyper competitive market. There are so many tools out there that seek to make farmers’ lives better in the easiest ways. We made everyone’s lives easier by picking out the top 4 ag apps that are truly making your favorite farmer smile.

We need to talk about Apple a little bit. So, the iPhone X finally came to the shelves for purchase. It’s as cool as promised––with a few hiccups. The first has to do with the coolest feature the X has: facial recognition. As imagined, identical twins kinda are stirring trouble with this feature as well, they share the same facial features. Dang. The other Apple item we need to chat about is more of a face palm situation. A new iOS design flaw is making simple math a lot harder. And dumber.

Finally, we wrap up with the truth, and nothing but the truth. When surveyed on techs largest players, Americans got honest, and pretty much annoyed.

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What Was Awesome In October

Lotta tech, lotta gadgets, no tricks.

What do you got, November?

farmer using mobile technology

There’s An App For That

The best 4 apps that are changing agriculture.

Happy farmer

iOS 11 Issues

If you type 1+2+3 into your iPhone’s calculator on iOs 11, you probably won’t get six.

Ah jeez, Apple

The iPhone X’s Arch-nemesis

Identical twins: breaking the face recognition system.

Double trouble

How Americans Really Feel About Facebook. Apple, and More

“This year marked a sea change in our attitudes towards tech’s largest players––and not for the better.”

How do you really feel?


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