It’s no secret that Myriad Mobile has a fully stocked team of innovators. There’s no shortage of dreaming or tinkering under our roof. While our mobile and web innovation improves the lives of our clients, we seek to aim further. Our team wants to improve entire industries. And it’s working.

As our main area of focus, we’ve found that the agriculture industry is a unique beast. Agriculture is one of the universe’s oldest industries. Farming simply has been a way of life for, well, survival. Because of the traditions and habits ingrained in the industry, there’s a certain level of cynicism towards drastic change. “Don’t fix something that isn’t broke,” is the mantra that comes to mind. While a lot has altered the ag. industry over the centuries, nothing has come close to what Myriad Mobile wants to bring to the table; mobile agriculture.

Mobile solutions in agriculture have had their share of appearances within the market. There’s a common theme among a majority of these apps for agriculture that promise an easier life for the farmer. Through mobile, farmers have digital access to their operations 24/7. In the field, in the combine, or at the supper table, farmers rest easy knowing they have control of their farms.

Introducing Bushel
Myriad Mobile’s team wants to do more than promise an easier life for farmers. We want to make it better. Through the development of Bushel, the grain industry’s first automated mobile app platform, Myriad Mobile has witnessed numerous examples of the platform’s success for farmers. John Melland, CEO of the Arthur Companies, frequently speaks to the need for mobile innovations in ag. He says, “Innovation has always been a part of the farming culture. Everyone has a phone. More and more people are doing business on the phone. We have to make sure we’re staying on top of that to provide that to our customers.” Staying on top means having something that is just plain better than anything out there. This requires reaching an operating level that has never been reached before. Myriad Mobile’s success within Bushel is proof of this concept.

Bushel operates by providing real-time data to growers. Real-time equates real accuracy. There is no guessing for farmers to understand how their operations are functioning. The Bushel mobile app platform integrates into a grain elevator’s accounting system to provide growers access to their contracts, scale tickets, prepays, cash bids, and markets. Bushel provides real-time, actionable information to growers, and tools for elevators and growers to easily do business together. This technology amplifies the appeal of accessible data by tailoring it securely to each farmer’s mobile phone. Farmers have the correct data because it is being pushed through their correlating elevator. Myriad’s biggest success within the Bushel app has been to amplify the relationship between growers and elevators.

Watching Bushel Grow Within Agriculture

Bushel’s impact within the agriculture industry has yielded bountiful results. Through the 4,500 growers on the platform, Bushel has branched internationally. With locations now in the U.S. and Canada, Bushel’s strides are touching seriously impactful touch points within the industry. Myriad’s vision with Bushel is to do more for the grower by not only supplying them with necessary data but additionally giving them a one-stop-shop for all their operational needs. Features coming in the future include eCommerce functionality and eSign capabilities. These features will open up entirely new avenues for growers to operate from their own local elevator. Time is a grower’s most valuable tool. By eliminating the hassle and room for error that’s tagged along with non-digital work, growers have been given more time than ever before.

Bushel is an excellent example of mobile solutions impacting agriculture. Bushel reaches further than the grower by strengthening the relationship with the corresponding elevator. Our team believes that it is this alliance that separates us from competitors. We’ve spotted the gap between growers and their elevators. It’s about more than just business. It’s about establishing a loyal relationship with people who often times are neighbors and fellow friends. No matter how much Bushel may branch out, its roots will always remain in elevating relationships between growers and elevators. Being an ag. tech leader is just a bonus.


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