If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that robots are inching closer and closer into our daily lives. Why not put the little chrome-sters to work? This year, a number of robotic kitchen tools have hit the market. Coffee drinking, salad making, and even ramen eating have all been modified by these robots.

In case you missed it, our Bushel team hopped in the truck and headed to the farm. Yes, that’s right. A software company spent time in real, live dirt doing farm things. Get our team’s recaps and find out if the farm life is for us.

So if you haven’t heard, there has been a huge¬†security error with the new¬†MacOS High Sierra update. By simply plugging in one simple word, complete access is given to anyone using your laptop. This. Is. Not. Good. Here’s how to protect yourself, too.

There’s a process with design. No, it’s not just creating from the get-go. You need words, and the right ones can get you from A to B more efficiently than ever imagined. Learn how to use words to create better.

Bill Gates, that son of a gun is at it again. Investing $80 million into the blueprints of an entire tech city based in Arizona, I’d say he may have out done himself. Find out Gates’ plan for the tech hub and what it means for the rest of the world.

When Robots Invade the Kitchen

“Gordon, steamed espresso with an extra shot, please.”

Gbye, Keurig!

A Day At the Farm: A Myriad Mobile Field Trip

We closed our laptops to strap on our work boots.

Saddle up, cowboy

Anyone Can Hack MacOS Sierra Just By Typing Root

Apple, we have a HUUUUGE problem

We need the root of the problem (ha ha)

How To Write Products

A toolkit for when copy becomes design.

Cheat sheet, score!

A Whole Tech City

“The goal is to turn the land into its own ‘smart city'”

Welcome to Brainsville


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