Every big idea has to start somewhere. When partnering with Myriad Mobile, this includes your app. From picking up where your team left off, or starting from scratch, our team has a tried-and-true process that fits any project that comes in. This process is our secret to consistent success and always our step one. Myriad Mobile takes your app from the idea phase to the final phase in a seamless way.

The Process Across the Board

While we have a procedure that we abide by, we have a variety of clients that we work with––and our process still works. Our core is agriculture technology, specifically agriculture apps. This industry is not only hyper competitive, but vastly diverse. Crop management, cattle care, pesticide control, weather tracking––all very complex and different ranges of ag that require specific technology to get the job done. This construct of differences in the ag industry is relatable to the assortment of other projects we take in. Agriculture, education, insurance, and start ups all fall under the Myriad wheel-house. Each industry with their own unique needs and processes, our team finds a way to deliver an app tailored to any request.

Discover Discovery

In a perfect world, there would be a solidified way to understand exactly how your app could improve with expert consulting, before dropping a ton of money mid-development. And what about actually having tabs on all of the app’s stages? That would be super helpful. Oh yeah, Myriad provides all of this. Yep. In the Discovery Phase, your baby seedling idea is handed over to us for planting and eventual blooming.

The Discovery Phase is the initial phase of every project. It is a consultative engagement with our clients to discover and prioritize features, functional design, and user flow. You’ll be working closest with a designated Strategist, Designer, and Project Manager.

During the initial Discovery kick-off, Myriad Mobile will work with you to identify the business values that underlie your project. We will identify the users of the product and their particular pain points as well as build an understanding of project goals and business model considerations. The kick-off will inform the project launch plan and roadmap and assist the discovery team in assessing project feasibility and risks. From there we schedule ongoing weekly touchpoint meetings to keep the project and communication rolling smoothly.

Understanding the Process

Through our series of conversations we uncover foundational requirements and assess the value and priority of every feature. We will write a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) that includes a project overview, baseline technical platform requirements, and functional requirements segmented by feature.

Using the functional requirements we determine possible functionality and feasibility of integrations within the app. We also assess the Content Management System (CMS) and potential web portal needs.

Visualizing Your Idea

The functional requirements are visualized into wireframes, focusing first on functionality and navigation, moving into increasing levels of detail. The Myriad team will introduce the wireframes by walking through them in our prototyping tool, Invision. Through our weekly meetings we gather your feedback and implement changes until we reach final approval. If going to development, developers would then build the project to the exact specifications of the design.

Smooth Sailing

From the final stages of the Discovery Phase, your app goes to Development if you decide to sign a Development contract with us. Over 90% of clients that go through the Discovery Phase continue onto development. Which makes sense considering the thoroughness your app has gone through in Discovery to ensure no bumps ahead. A process that results in the app of your dreams is what we’ve crafted through our six years of experience. Reach out to our team today start your best mobile app process.


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