Myriad Mobile’s legacy lies in innovation. Being at the forefront of technology is what separates us from your everyday technology shop. Mobile in our age seems to be an automatic with any technology being pushed out. If it can’t be used on your phone, it seems antiquated. The best part of the mobile demand is that the innovation is just getting started.  

At Myriad Mobile, a handful of projects have come in where we’ve elevated clients’ dated experiences through mobile. With a mobile-first mindset, our clients are able to fast forward their operations with the accessibility of an app. Myriad’s focus in agriculture app technology has been a mobile evangelization for many people. In the agriculture industry, a level of comfortability lies in old habits. While of course, there are progressive groups seeking that next step in ag, many rely on antiquated processes. Our journey into the ag tech space has given us opportunities to seek out these more traditional folks and show them how mobile can, in fact, be eons more efficient for them.

Pushing the Bounds of Mobile Development

One example of Myriad’s ag tech revolution is the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative mobile app. In 2013, Minn Dak came to Myriad seeking a better way to help growers manage their annual sugar beet harvests. With all the data that growers need to keep track of every day, Myriad’s team immediately knew a mobile app would be the best solution for Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative. With the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative mobile app, farmers have access to realtime harvest data, historical data analysis, and truckload weight data. Through these features, growers are able to view their data and plot out the rest of their days. Tom Knudsen, VP of Agriculture for Minn-Dak, elaborates on this time saving technology by saying, “I was just blown away by all the uses they could find for this ‘stripped-down’ app. I mean, they [growers] would plan their lunch breaks, potty breaks, naps — you name it — based on when the truck would leave the field.” Knudsen’s statement aligns with the Minn-Dak growers’ approval of the app with a 100% adoption rate as of 2017.

Four years since first implementing the agriculture technology app, Minn-Dak’s app has undergone a makeover. This makeover includes smarter features such as a wired hardbox. From this tool, growers are able to scan a scale ticket from their phone. This scanning procedure collects the sugar beet’s temperature. By implementing a wired hardbox addition, Minn-Dak’s growers are on the cusp of today’s latest technology. When having direct access to a sugar beet’s temperature, growers have the power to make smarter decisions when it comes to creating the best yield possible.This capability, in the end, saves the grower tons of money by immediately knowing a beet’s temperature.

Within the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative project, the 100% adoption rate makes this app a clear winner. Our team at Myriad immensely values this data because it shows that our work is clearly beneficial. With 100% of growers agreeing that this app has helped them in their harvest, we’ve push even harder to ensure this rate sticks. At Myriad, we have a mindset of moving at the “speed” of technology. To us this means we always aim to stay at the forefront of the newest technologies, to not only out-pace competitors but also to evolve as a company.  

Create Mobile Solutions With Myriad Mobile

Mobile’s role in our lives is unparalleled. It’s how we communicate and it’s where we perform numerous operations in our daily lives. While mobile’s role isn’t going anywhere, there will be a shift in how mobile can be used, especially in ag. Our team at Myriad Mobile is trucking away at creating better mobile software solutions for you and your business. We keep improving and evolving because we never want to feel like we’ve “made it” to the top. It keeps us hungry. When we take on your project, our team is able to dig deep using our extensive mobile app development experience to make your app one-of-a-kind. Mobile is our passion and your future. Let’s talk.


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