When a convention involves a place at the end of the day to have wings and beer with any passing farmer, you know it’ll be a good one. At the North Dakota Grain Dealers Associations 106th Annual Convention last week, January 14th-15th, nothing short of fun went down. Our Bushel team’s presence at the Fargo Holiday Inn location included both a trade show booth within the exhibit area, and a hospitality suite aligning the pool. By utilizing these two resources, the Bushel team was able to divide and conquer––and have a lot of fun along the way.

The NDGDA brings together farmers and elevator cooperative representatives in one place to collaborate and learn. With a variety of exhibitors, from the North Dakota State Seed Department to Cargill and of course, Bushel, myriads of connections could be gained. Bushel’s presence at the NDGDA Convention sought to provide elevators and farmers with industry first technology. The mobile app platform connects elevators with their growers through aggregated, real time data. Cash bids, scale tickets, pre pays, futures, and price laters are all presented to the farmer from his or her correlating elevator or company. No more paper, excel spreads, and lost time over important information. Bushel’s mission is to foster overall better relationships between elevators and their growers. By providing better information, better conversations can be had.

The NDGDA Convention brought farmers from across the region to engage in conversations with industry leaders. With topics including market outlook, the food safety modernization act, and the future of cooperatives, every outbreak session during the convention rose important conversations on the challenges facing ag. 

Our team’s time at the convention brought valuable conversations and a wealth of experience. From our trade show booth, hospitality suite, and presence at the ADM banquet, many highlights came from the convention. Here are a few of those experiences had while at the convention.

Account Managers Alex & Matt at the Bushel booth

Bushel’s hospitality suite was tough to miss with this signage 

Bushel’s core goal: Happy Farmers and Happy Elevators


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