The world out there can be a scary place. As it turns out, so can the cyber world. With the rattling cyber breaches that went down in 2017, it’s disheartening to know that this year has a whole new wave of breaches to brace for. On the other side, however, with this guide of upcoming threats you now have the power of knowledge to protect yourself from such threats. Stay safe out there, folks.

You love watching your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or any given child intuitively play with the smart phone in their small, cherub hands. Aww, they’re so smart. While it’ll give you a twinkle in your eye allowing access to your smart phone, not all people are feeling that same sentiment. Apple stakeholders have a serious fear of kids becoming addicted to iPhones. It’s an epidemic and Apple has next steps in mind.

Amazon has had a stellar rise to the top online powerhouse. With the momentum going onwards and upwards, talks of future acquisitions are already spreading through the grapevine. Retail experts have a number of possible companies in mind to be taken under Amazon’s wing. You’ll want to read through which one of your favorite household brands just might get a bit easier to access online.

You’ve seen it before. You’re scrolling through your home page on Facebook and in the sidebar is an ad for the gardening tool you just Googled prices on. Whaaaaat? While it’s not Facebook reading your mind, it is something just as invasive. With Facebook’s self-service ad-targeting ads, advertisers get their shot to present their product. While that’s all dandy, a recent Facebook bug could have just let those advertisers on to more information than they’re privy to––like your phone number. Yikes.

With the endless tech being pumped out everyday, it’s amazing what products are truly impacting our daily lives. I bet you never imagined an umbrella to make the category for “high tech.” Yep, it’s Sunflower, an $8,000 umbrella that won’t do much for you in the rain, but will give you a pretty nice wifi connection. Find out if your sunbathing game needs Sunflower.

Enjoy the reads!

Cyber Security Trends and Threats to Watch For In 2018

“Crime that was once rooted in the ‘real world’ will become more prevalent in cyberspace.”

They just get sneakier

Apple Addresses Kid’s iPhone Addictions

Apple is set to enhance parental control features with upcoming updates due to stakeholder concerns.

It's a new epidemic

Amazon’s Next Acquisition Target

Retail experts share their top predictions for which company will belong next to the Amazon name.

Place your bets

Facebook Bug Could Have Let Advertisers Get Your Phone Number

A few weeks ago the social network’s self-service ad-targeting tools could have revealed your phone number.

Beware of the bug

An $8,000 Robotic Umbrella

Sunflower moves with the sun, plays music, and even works as a security camera.

That's a biiiiig upgrade


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