Time is money; money is time. In the tech industry, this saying could not mean more. Every minute of a developer, designer, strategists’ time is crucial for your bank account. The longer the project goes, the more dough you dish out. From an article diving in to the lags that exist in typical project procedures, a ground breaking solution comes through. This solution in turn would slash 50% of UI designers and front-end developers’ time. That’s a lot of money coming back to your pocket.

You know harvest has come and gone long ago. Perhaps you find yourself wondering what farmers do while they wait for their spring planting. Well. They have fun. At the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Convention at the Holiday Inn in Fargo, farmers and elevator contacts gathered to see the best products and services in ag. Naturally, our Bushel team was there. Check out our team’s experiences at the event through the fun wrap up. Spoiler: free booze was involved at the event so you know it was a party.

Staying on task––it’s not easy. With the billions of distractions that exist everyday for any given person, it takes a professional to know how to fight through the chaos and get the job done. This is why we sought the insight of a professional. Yep, a productivity expert is a real career and it’s making life easier for others to stay disciplined. You’ll want to read up on these professional tips in order to get rid of any lingering bad habits.

There were rumors earlier this year that Target was in line to become a part of the Amazon brand. This morning brought a surprise that Target is in fact rolling out their own delivery arsenal––same day delivery. With this feature, Target is spearheading Amazon’s most definable weapon. Find out how the tides have changed and what this means for both corporate giants.

Phone access to your most private personal information is a highly opinionated topic. “It’s for safety emergencies.” “It’s a security breech waiting to happen.” Through the opinion-rollercoaster of this controversy, a new branch of this conversation comes to light: health records on your iPhone. Get everything you need to know before synching up your sensitive details.

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How To Save UI Designers and Front-End Developers Up To 50% of Their Time

Your guide to rolling back bucks and saving time on your next project. It’s Christmas in January.

Save your tick, tocks

North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Convention Wrap Up

When a convention involves a place at the end of the day to have wings and beer with any passing farmer, you know it’ll be a good one.

Raisin' a glass to the farm

Productivity Experts Share Their Tips

“The key is to start thinking of your timing as less of an art, and more of a science.”

Procrastinators no more

Target Is Launching Same-Day Delivery To Take On Amazon

With its recent acquisition of shipping company, Shipt, Target is setting up 1,834 of its stores with same day delivery options.

It's a battle (of) ship (ing)

What Putting Medical Records On Your iPhone Means For Your Privacy

Apple wants to put your medical history in the palm of your hand.

The Apple doctor will see you now


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