User Experience in technology holds a heavy importance in the overall usability of the product. With poor user experience, users would not have the connection they do with their everyday tech. There’s a reason behind the addictive connection between users and the UX designers’ designs; it’s psychology. Through a psychologists and designers breakdown on UX’s success, this article gets to the root of how humans connect with technology. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

There are a lot of ways to make an app. From the template you bought online that you have no idea how to use to the college student you hired that promises he is a developing master because he’s taking Computer Science 212 this semester, not all app processes give the results you want. Our team at Myriad Mobile has a tried and true way of making every app a dream. Find out why our method works and how you can start seeing results.

It’s been on everyone’s newsfeeds and inboxes since it went down last Saturday. The false alarm missile alert that sent wavelengths of panic to the people of Hawaii. Yikes. What a horrible situation to have pressed the wrong button. This article dives deeper into the error of this alert and how the mistake is actually a bigger issue with the technology used at the time––the software. A lesson to be learned by all in the tech industry.

You’ve heard of autonomous cars and have made it a point to name drop Tesla at the office’s water cooler in order to show how updated you are. Well. Nissan is moving in the complete opposite direction. In fact, this technology revolves on the driver and the driver alone. Not to give away all the details, but heavy traces of mind control are involved with Nissan’s latest tech release. Whoa.

Your LinkedIn is your place to show off to the world why you deserve employment. It’s a digital portfolio, resume, first impression all rolled up into one. With the millions of LinkedIn users out there, it’s a dog-eat-dog world fighting over the same hiring opportunities. From the help of LinkedIn experts, 5 common mistakes are laid out for you to up your profile game and land that dream job.

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The Hawaii Missile Alert Was the Software Developer’s Fault

“The employee who accidentally triggered the missile alert on Saturday accidentally pressed the wrong button.”

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Nissan Wants To Help You Drive By Reading Your Mind

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