We’ve all seen it. Either on TV, or (hopefully not) in real life. A cop takes down the person of interest, wrangles the cuffs on him or her, and reads off the Miranda rights. This familiar scene just might change a lot in not too long. From Forbes, an article introducing virtual reality’s role in the legal system suggests a serious change in how legal matters are handled. Overall, it’s shaping up to be a tough time to be a criminal.

While VR has been around for awhile, just now is it getting its buzzword limelight. Mobile on the other hand has been there, done that. Don’t over look ol’ reliable though. The possibilities for mobile have expanded eons ahead from where it first began. Our team breaks down how we’re pushing the boundaries of mobile, and how we’ll help you do the same.

It’s that time of year. New goals with higher ambitions. While these notions are meant for more success, which is spectacular, often times you end up stretching yourself a bit too thin. This is a serious issue for any given person, but especially those in creative fields. Conjuring winning ideas isn’t exactly a snap process when your brain is all fizzled out. Find out how you can avoid this creative burnout, and even prevent it.

Have you ever had the feeling you are in the wrong generation? Your ideas are too “out there” for anyone to take you seriously? Take comfort in knowing there are products and ideas that too were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Six of these concepts are identified so you may find solace in knowing perhaps you’re not too much of a weirdo, and rather the world is just not ready yet.

Christmas is over, which means wicked sales, ya’llllll. Make the most of these cash saving days with this guide to the best wearables on the market. With so many watches out there claiming to out do any other, it’s hard to select the perfect wrist accessory for you. Fear no more, we have a guide for you and your wrist.

You Could Convict a Criminal With VR

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How I Beat Creativity Burnout

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