Design is a giant part of our work here at Myriad Mobile. It’s the part that makes our apps’ users engaged visually and intuitively. With design, users figure out the lay of of any app and how to make it work. Also, it makes everything look good. In appreciation for all the amazing design work done under our roof, we want to share 5 articles from this week that keep our designers growing and inspired.

In order to have that final design, you need the technology to back it up. This link brings readers to Flow, a product that allows designers and developers to collaborate seamlessly. With easily-made animations and production-ready code, turnaround time on projects is scary fast. Neat-o!

Privacy and the internet have become words that instill fear in those who hear about all the different ways hackers can steal personal information. In this article, designers seek to understand the best ways to protect users’ privacy. By creating different call to actions or user journeys, designers can create safe places for users’ information. Thanks, designers!

A lot of snack trends have come aEnd gone with different levels of quirkiness. There’s nothing like getting your snack on with an energy-boosting, protein packed cricket bar. Yep. Cricket infused snacks. Imagine being the design team tasked behind this product in making bugs enticing. You’ll want to chomp down on how those designers made bug cuisine profitable.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Imagine starting with a wildly popular (and hilarious) card game. This designer dishes how his first freelance client ended up being with Cards Against Humanity. The ups, downs, and inside secrets of this wild client ride can all be read through the designer’s first hand experiences. The smallest choices can make the biggest payoffs.

Being a designer takes a lot of work, and a specific skill set. But it has serious perks. Learn more on why being a UX/UI Designer is one of the best jobs ever! You just might start editing your resume.

Happy reader and big thanks to all the designers out there!

Software For Design And Development

A designer’s toolbox is as vast as it is rich. Flow is one tool used for design and development that keeps everyone smiling.

Just Flow with it

How To Use UX Design To Safeguard Users’ Privacy

Designers are making users feel safe by seeking to answer one question.

Safety UX

How Design Is Making Bugs Easier To Swallow

The Mt. Everest of branding challenges: getting people to buy bugs to snack on.

Making icky yummy

How I Landed Cards Against Humanity As My First Freelance Client

“I find that lots of people––myself included––love hearing about who someone’s first big freelance client was. For me, it was Cards Against Humanity.”

Gig of a lifetime

Why is UX/UI Designer the Best Job In the World?

“You will get paid to do what you like the most. So it’s like paid holiday.”

Design rules


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