Delivering the gold is very….detailed oriented?

At the Olympics, all eyes are on the athletes. The triumphs, the defeats––every emotion that comes and goes with the world watching the best athletes representing their country. During these events on the world stage, there are numerous details that often go swept under  which make the tradition possible. Such details include the capability of taking in on the action from one’s couch. Yes, there are great lengths to be met when delivering every detail that occurs at the games. You’ll be dually surprised and impressed at the innovative technology that is implemented into delivering the games back to your TV.

Panasonic for the gold

The biggest save from the smallest catch

Farming requires a lot of moving parts at once. It’s not the easiest task to manage all these different parts and the different stages they go through. One Arthur, North Dakota farmer caught a tiny mistake he had made that resulted in thousands of dollars in saved revenue. With this tool, this farmer was able to check his operation before making the costly oversight.

Good save!

The winning tech guide for executives

AI is more than the buzzword of the year. It is a solution that is changing the game for varieties of businesses across the spectrum. With the doors it’s opening for new problem solving methods, AI is an attractive tool for many people, including those in executive positions. This guide gives those leaders the AI information they need to up their game––and business.

AI for bosses

Designing inclusively: what does this mean?

Microsoft is known for doing a lot of important things right (duh). But the way the tech giant designs for its users is bringing to light a topic that could be shaking the industry for many designers. By designing for inclusivity, Microsoft positions themselves in a way that allows their products to be appreciated by all users. It’s a good concept to consider.

Designs for all

If you could be king for one day…

Apple CEO Tim Cook imagined himself as a king for one day and said he’d like to do this. Yeah, you’ll just have to check that out. It’s definitely not what you think.

Well that's different


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