It’s a war zone out there. People are taking sides, pledging allegiances, and building barriers toward their enemies. Naturally I’m referring to the new laptops releases including the Pixelbook, Macbook Pro 13, HP Spectre 13, and the Dell XPS 13. To play devil’s advocate for those folks dedicated to a particular laptop, here lies the review on all the new laptops–––and which one reigns champion.

Chatbots’ role in our lives exists in a number of avenues. They either are the helpful heroes that pop up at the right time to answer lingering questions you may have on a certain site, or they’re the annoying spam creature that won’t frig off no matter how many forceful clicks you exert. Amidst these differing opinions, chatbots have gardnerd a new role: emotional confidante. Yes, chatbots will be trained to detect emotions. How you portray yourself  will correlate a specific response from a bot. It’s unreal and you need to learn more about these empathetic little bots.

When you make a decision, how long does it take you? Probably depends on how many options are in front of you, right? There is a psychological phenomenon amongst consumers on decision making and what choices are given. Are the choices you make done so because they reflect what you truly want, or are they made out of convenience? This article gets down to the framework behind consumer decision making processes and how policy makers can utilizes such phenomenons to allow better, vast choices for consumers.

In your business plan, you probably have listed out your competitors. In that list of immediate do-or-die competitors, you probably don’t have giant conglomerate corporations as your first plan of action to take down. Can you though? This article depicts the problems numerous businesses have against the ecommerce-champion, Amazon. With a nod to the David and Goliath tale, find out how you can acquire your own slingshot and stones in order to fight the Goliaths in your business.

You need to start somewhere, and that’s really scary. With a blank page looking back at you, it’s a daunting task to begin your first wire-frame. How the heck do you start the beginning of a project? From the experts at InVision, a “How To Start” guide is lined out to hold your hand with those first baby steps. You got this!

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The Best Laptops of 2018: Tech Review

The nominees are in, and the winner is…

Brace yourself

The Emotional Chatbots Are Here To Probe Our Feelings

“I think what people need is something to be like, ‘You seem a little stressed today. Is everything fine?'”

The feeling bot

The Default Effect and What It Means For Consumers

We tend to stick with what we’re given. How does this affect choices we make?

Choosing your choices

How To Beat Amazon

“You should ask yourself, ‘can Amazon do this just as well?’ If the answer is yes, proceed with caution.”

Get your David on

How To Make Your First Wireframe

Take the leap! Start you best design here.

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