Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. It’s a day to love up on your significant other, or a day that pointedly exhibits your singleness. While it has a lot of different connotations to the masses, Valentine’s Day has a variety of expectations for the day. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, and gifts––it’s a red and pink explosion out there. With all the traditions, there are new additions that are making the day a little different from what it used to be. Get all the Valentine’s Day feels without any nonsense from Cupid here (or do, we don’t judge).

Tech is ruining love, right?

How many times have you soft-smiled (or teared up) in a Nicholas Sparks film that told the tale of a 40’s era couple that defied all odds and made their love work despite the harrowing distance and difficulties? During this time you probably thought that things were so romantic back then. You also probably recalled the times your significant other has left you on Read, while Ryan Gosling on the screen wrote 365 unanswered letters to his love interest. Ugh. Before you say love is dead in the tech age, take a look at this TED Talk addressing romance and tech. You just might be surprised. (Or still be pissed at your s/o, whatever works.)

Love is STILL in the air

Better chocolate will be created with *science*!!

I know, I internally screamed with joy too. The Philipines government is proposing ways to develop better tasting chocolate with scientific technologies. Yessiree, this means that the best chocolate you’ve had thus far doesn’t even count anymore. Things are looking up, folks. Things are looking up.

This is the best news of the year

Preserved roses are really cool.

In Ecuador, this time of year calls for flowers, flowers, flowers. It’s not the fresh flowers you’re thinking of, however. Preserved roses are hand painted and shipped with love to the U.S. where the buyers receive unique, and beautifully crafted roses. These aren’t your grandma’s roses!

Roses forever!

A new perfume technology is making things a lottttt different

Perfume somehow fits into the gifts given on Valentine’s Day. Something about making your significant other smell good is romantic. In the pursuit of smelling good, a specific perfume-making process must occur––until now. There’s a new player in the game that’s taking scents to a new level with what’s called headspace tech.  This process is used to capture the odor compounds present in the air surrounding an object and it’s amazing.

Tech smells gooood

AI for VD? is making sure they stay competitive in the flower race on Valentine’s Day. How does this retailer stay ahead of everyone else? With AI of course. incorporates AI into the chat bots customers interact with. By having these little helpers on hand for any assistance needed, the company is witnessing BIG returns.

Who knew AI could be so romantic

Happy Valentine’s Day, reader!


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