On the farm, there are numerous best practices. From these best practices, many different opinions exist. On the agtech spectrum, even more colored opinions can be found. With these different opinions, there can be difficulty getting all members on board. Often times, it can be a challenge to convince everyone that they desperately need available technology to make their operation thrive.

So we’re making it easy. Here are 5 ways that software on the farm offer huge benefits for users. If you’re on the fence of using farm software on your own operation, you may want to consider these benefits and how much better your life is about to get.


Twenty four hours simply is not enough time for a farm operation. Any given day can consume hours and hours of time for solely one task. Overall, time is a valuable resource for farmers. Implementing a useful software to catch up on time can become a daunting task that ends up taking more time that you just don’t have. Bushel is the exception. Bushel provides farmers’ data back to the farmer. With this data on hand, farmers are able to make better, and better decisions. Suddenly, there’s all the time in the world and tasks aren’t nearly as ominous.

2. Data

is a hot topic amongst farmers because it seems as though everyone wants to have it. This can be an (understandably) guarded subject for this group. When adopting a software for farm operations, farmers are able to have first-hand access to their data. Even more notable, this data is retrieved for them in the most secure process. Farmers have their own data, in their own secure way.

3. Money

We’re human. We make errors. With so many daily jobs to tend to in order to keep the farm running, farmers have a lot of moving plates to manage at once. It’s not easy, and at times things fall through the cracks. These small mistakes can result in huge consequences. With software on hand for busy farmers, farmers are able to have the support of the software to catch mistakes that may be made. A little help can go a long way, which in many cases equates a lot of money saved–––even thousands.

4. Relationships

This may come as a surprise to imagine that software develops personal relationships for farmers. When considering the purpose behind the software, however, things start to make more sense. The motive behind the Bushel software has and always will be to elevate relationships between farmers and elevators. By having a tool to give farmers access to their information, they are empowered to ask their elevators better questions. From here, the two groups are able to establish loyalty and a rooted business partnership. Who knew software could be so personable?

5. Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, nothing can substitute the feeling of complete content. You know your farm is taken care of, and there won’t be any major issues to deal with the next day. Software can be the key for farmers and elevator managers to have control of their operations by allowing the peace of mind they deserve

Software is finding its place on the farm. There are so many opportunities ahead for the positioning of agriculture with the new software becoming accessible for farmers and elevators. What are you waiting for? Start accessing the endless benefits of software for your farm.