A ghostly Echo

You’ve seen it. That scene in a horror film when an inanimate object suddenly springs to life for no reason. A creepy doll turning its head. A tv flickering on. An Amazon Echo laughing creepily. Oh? Yes, that last one is actually happening right now. Amazon is addressing the numerous cases in which users are not prompting the device to laugh, and well, it does. Haunted or bug defects? We’ll let you decide.


Big brother has access

The topic of device security has been a cut-knife debate as of late. Who should legally have access to your devices? This debate will rattle all kinds of cages, but it looks like it doesn’t matter because the government can break in to any iPhone device, basically. Looks like you’re safe for now, Androiders.

Can they read my mind

Different colors have different meanings in different countries

There’s no such thing as a universal color. What is yellow to Westerners, gives a different connotation to other parts of the world. Why is this concept important to know in business? Aside from being more culturally intelligent, branding is an important element to consider when evaluating your clients. Colors mean more than you think.

Color for thought

Stop spam calls for good: the movement

We have our own ways for dealing with spam callers. The classic, “pickup to hang up.” The more bold, “pretending to be deceased to shame the caller.” Or perhaps for those pranksters, the “actually engage in conversation to screw with the caller.” Man, there are a lot of ways to get rid of spam calls, but it. is. annoying. Here is a simple way to avoid the calls, for good! Ah ha!


The food that just keeps on living

When you think of the zombie apocalypse, obviously you got to have a plan for what you’ll survive off of. Naturally this calls for canned beans and bottled water, right? Well, well well, the apocalypse is starting to look a lot more delicious. With the latest high tech in trial, healthy foods such as salmon or berries can have shelf lives for previously unfathomable amounts of time. You’ll be staying nutritious when fighting off brain-eating zombies. Score!

Start preserving


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