Apple probs

We all know the rule. Never call 911 unless it’s an emergency. So what emergency has caused a California-based Apple repair facility to call 911 over 2,000 times in the past four months? No one knows. And no one knows how to make the calls stop. These false alarms stem from defective devices that apparently are feeling a bit threatened. Will the calls cease? Will the emergency services have peace again? All we know is that we’ll be keeping an eye on our own devices incase they have a hankering for emergency chaos.

What the heck, Apple

The Bushel questions finally answered

How does a mobile app produce real-time, accurate data with the highest security standards? It integrates with accounting systems with the smartest integration process. This is the “how” behind the Bushel mobile app platform’s success. Get a behind-the-scenes look into how our Bushel team is upgrading the lives of elevators and farmers.

Data is king

Samsung’s folding with Apple’s latest cards on the table

The concept of a folding device isn’t necessarily a brand new idea. Samsung has apparently been on the “cusp” of releasing their foldable device for the past three years. This prolonged “cusping” may need to put a little more pep in its step with what Apple is now on the brink of. Yep, Apple is in the folding game too with a set release date of 2020 for their collapsible device. Who will win the race?

Wrap it up

The elephant in the room finally addressed

Facebook’s mega security crisis has sent millions of users into a whirlwind of security panic. How does one clot the bleeding? They update their privacy settings. While this seems to be a relatively simple fix, it truly hasn’t been in the past. Searching in a mirror house maze, it’s been a completely complicated and convaluded process to make a simple privacy change. Facebook has finally lent its users a guiding hand by simplifying their privacy settings. Find out how to update yours.

Lock it up

Your eyes are feeling a bit under the weather

It’s a generally understood concept that the unnatural light given off from devices are not exactly great for your eyes. In addition, the wearingly prolonged amounts of time spent exercising the eyes by staring at small letters on devices for hours on end can take a toll on your peepers. But how much? Learn what’s going on with your eyes.

I can see the point


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