AI is not going anywhere

It can be easy to shrug off the new buzzword technologies and say, “I don’t need that. I have no use for that. Phooey.” While ignoring the upcoming tech may be a simple, short term solution, it isn’t sustainable. And history will attest for that. This article brings up the whopping $10.5 billion dollar value of the AI industry. If you’re still thinking this isn’t for you and your business, maybe you should ask yourself these 9 questions first.

Are we ready yet?

Getting software on the farm

The one constant in ag right now is that there isn’t. With the numerous changes occurring on any given operation, it can be a daunting task to try and catch up with it all. So where do you start? For one, you should know that today’s farm needs streamlined management. This will happen from a good software. If you’re still on the fence of getting on the software express, you’ll want to read this article.

The mighty software

Making your app soar

When you’ve finally gone through the blood, sweat, and tears in making your mobile app idea a reality, the job isn’t done yet. A beautifully built and functionally sound app is no good to anyone if, well, no one uses it. You’ll need to strap on your marketing pants and start. to. get. savvy. For a little help getting these marketeer pants on, check out these app marketing tips.

Step 1

Know restaurant wait times without making human contact by calling!!!

The new Google Maps for iOS update has given power to the people who hate calling in on wait times at restaurants or those who have shown up and got severley let down at an hour long wait. The update allows users to see on the map search how long one would have to wait before being seated. It’s the best thing for people who like to eat more and wait less, and honestly who doesn’t?

Wait no more!

This is a doozy

Alright we need to get real here. There has been a lot of 1984 references going on lately with the take over of technology and all the disastrous things that can happen from brainwashed tech users. Now here’s some science to back that up. Maybe not on the same 1984 satirical levels, but it definitely is some food for thought.



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