Abraham Lincoln as the founder of emojis

So emojis have to have started somewhere, right? Typically, you think of a baller Apple designer who thought it’d be cute and efficient to have little yellow faces implemented into text conversations. You are in for a historical slap to the face to know emojis have their origins muuuuuuch further in time. With emoji- resemblant characters popping in and out of historical documents, you’re about to have your mind blown on how long winky faces and smilies have been around.

The best history lesson

The greatest artist known to man is also a killer UX designer

When Leonardo Da Vinci gets (casually?) named dropped in a conversation, the topic generally alludes to philosophical and profound topics. What about his user experience skills? Huh. That is a good point. When examining the practices Da Vinci performed in his masterpieces, it is humbling to see that Da Vinci mastered the art of UX just as throughly as his mastery of the paint stroke.


The year of the droid

It’s hard not to get caught up in the buzz that Apple churns out. But what about the competitor, Android? There’s a storm a brewin’ that’s coming for Apple. You’ll want to see what Android has in store for their 2018 releases. Droid nation is looking good.

Droid fever

Dr. Phone Case!!

There’s early research going on right now for a phone case that detects users’ blood pressure. It’s so specific, but could do a lot for folks who need to monitor their blood pressure carefully. What does your phone case do for you? Because if it’s not saving your life, I’m not interested.

Don't drop it lol

The death of one of the greatest

Stephen Hawking passed away earlier this week. Commemorate the genius by reading 10 of his most famous quotations.

Rest peacefully


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