Put this on your face and track your health

The lists of fitness trackers out on the market can go on forever, and ever. Some clip to your shoes, maybe synch to your phone, or of course are found on your wrist. But what about fitness trackers for your face? Yes, the fitness tracking glasses are officially here, ready to be worn. You’ll want to find out how these fitness specs came to be and how they actually work.

Gym specs

Bushel making headlines

AgPro magazine is a highly read and respected magazine. We’re so pleased with Bushel’s feature in the magazine. From this article, our team breaks down the product and also give away some upcoming features. Learn more by reading the actual feature.

Bushel in the spotlight

Pricing page “how to” that actually makes you money!!

It’s not an easy endeavor to¬† present your product’s price to potential customers. There are many ways to come across as ineffective or just plain confusing. By having a sound pricing page on your website, you’ll be able to give potential customers the knowledge they need to make a decision. Find out how to create that glorious pricing page here.

Design your success

Finding the key to consistency

Getting into the lull of the midweek or the boredom coma that ensues after a particularly dull project can often time result in your less-than best work. To beat these challenges, honestly it takes is a little consistency. In order to get on that consistency streak, pro tips are the way to go. Get your A game on by following these tricks.

Constant success

The interwebs has spoken…

…and we have been gifted by free gifts! Utilize these 16 UX/UI design tools to make this year your best design year yet.

Use the resources


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