“Brain, do this command”

Your brain is super cool. It has unconscious and conscious thoughts. MIT students are developing a tool with that concept in mind to harness the conscious thoughts and make them do something. It’s a super complex idea that basically only makes sense when you read the article, but essentially it’s Siri for your internal thoughts. Whoa.



License plates don’t necessarily conjure ideas of a tech revolution. UNTIL NOW. Digital license plates are being tested in Dubai right now to test the success of the concept. These plates would offer law enforcement simpler measures in data entry and tracking vehicles. The next steps in license plate development could start to look pretty techy!

Speedsters beware

So this actually happened and it’s not cool

An entire country went offline last month. No one knows why exactly, but it ignited a fear of offline/online control. For two days, the country of Mauritania sat silent without any online signals and no sure way of understanding what happened. Find out how experts are digging in to the take over and what it means for other countries’ security measures.

Off the grid

Updates are supposed to make things better

The latest iOS update is under fire for causing a bit of a bug storm for downloaders. Find out what parts of your iPhone could be affected by the latest update and how you can make things right again.

Those buggers

Does the internet read your mind?

Kinda. It at least tracks your behavior and predicts next steps. This can be annoying. There are a few cures to get these sly advertisers to stop following your every move and throwing their products in your face. Give this quick video a watch to start being a super consumer.

Super consumer


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