We already knew it, but now it’s official. For the first time, Myriad Mobile ranks in the Inc. Best Workplaces List. With 1,800 companies (and 81,365 employees) entering for the honor’s title, Myriad Mobile made the list based on surveys completed by employees on workplace happiness.

To sum up the happiness meter going off in the Myriad office, one employee wrote,

“Myriad is the best place to work because of the foundation it lives on. There is an overwhelming layer of trust, grit, and drive that makes coming to work every day genuinely fun. Simply said, you love the work you do because you love the company you do it for. Our company has built a culture that sets up each employee for success and growth. There are no hierarchies that make it difficult to find one’s place here. Every member looks out for his or her neighbor. Additionally, this culture celebrates each employee in career or personal achievements. This is THE best place to work.”

Check out the full stats here: https://www.inc.com/profile/myriad-mobile

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