Debunking the killer myths

While we all know that too much of anything can have negative consequences, when it comes to technology, a particularly weary overtone hangs in the air. Conversations like, “It’s unnatural.” “People aren’t humans.” “It’s brain washing” all spur from the blue light reflecting off people’s faces while they are completely absorbed in his or her social world. Well, the good news is that smart phones probably won’t kill you. Here’s why.

ONE less worry

Distance makes the heart grow fonder…for more wires

There are going to be different levels of feedback when companies introduce new features to their products. When Apple took away the head phone jack to introduce their Apple pod wireless headphones, BIG levels of feedback came in. And dog gone it, voices were heard. Leaked images for the next round of iPhones show the return of the head phone jack, in addition to a glass back. We’ll probably just ignore that last part and get back to being happy about having normal headphones work with Apple products.

Bring back the tangley cords

Going for the green

Apple has gone the distance. The company officially can boast a 100% green energy rate. Through an extensive eco-friendly site, Apple is the latest ambassador to the planet. It’s a big deal for a number of reasons.

Seeing green

Tinder is not feeling the love

Facebook just released this week at the annual F8 conference the next market it seeks to dominate: dating. With a new match making feature that seeks to establish long-term connections, Facebook is confident that it has the strategy to take on already dominate dating services. Time will tell if those “likes” turn into …”loves.”

Unleash the love

No more fooling

Finally, here are the best tech moments from the month of April.

April's best

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