Bushel farmer

SciFi in Ag: Self-Reacting Spray Nozzles to Fight Dicamba Drift

By Ryan Raguse, Nov 14th, 2018

First published in Precision Ag Magazine. My company (Myriad Mobile – developers of the Bushel grain marketing app) completed a…

5 Benefits of Software On the Farm

By Maddie Little, Mar 20th, 2018

On the farm, there are numerous best practices. From these best practices, many different opinions exist. On the agtech spectrum,…

Wheat field

SciFi in Ag: Stanford Cooling Project Could Drive Energy ROI in Row Crops

By Ryan Raguse, Feb 26th, 2018

Article Notes: This monthly column takes some crazy sounding ideas and applies them to the field of Ag Tech. The…

Bushel farmer

How 1 North Dakota Farmer Saved Thousands of Dollars By Catching This One Mistake

By Maddie Little, Feb 13th, 2018

Farming is a business. There are layers upon layers of intricacies that make up a typical day for a farmer….

North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Convention

By Maddie Little, Jan 22nd, 2018

When a convention involves a place at the end of the day to have wings and beer with any passing…