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“We start losing the client on the first day that we land the client.”

Sound familiar?

With this understanding, clients are now demanding more than ever. More sales, more customers, more exposure, more “likes”, and relying on the agencies to be the experts on technology to complete these initiatives.

Proven Success in Agency Partnerships

The team at Myriad Mobile has proven success partnering with agencies on mobile projects for clients. Our team’s deep understanding of mobile technology allows us to prevent early missteps that lead to big problems at the end of the project.

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A beautifully-designed tourism app for the state of West Virginia.

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A way for Phi Delta Theta fraternity students and alum to stay connected.

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Relevant news about the Bakken oil field, in one easy, accessible spot.

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Why partner with a mobile technology company?

Our experience has taught us that agencies partner with us for three reasons:

  1. Money
  2. Speed to market
  3. Expertise


When the partnership is in action and collaboration begins, ideas come to life. The end client gets your marketing expertise (branding, creative) and the engine we create together (mobile strategy, development, design, support) materializes. This means you create a stronger partnership with your clients. You can ideate and deliver on campaigns.

Speed to Market

You have teams or vendors to do video, design, creative, analytics, websites, etc. Do you have a team or vendor that can develop mobile projects? Or do you have to go through a vetting process and take a gamble that you’ve found the right partner for the project? There’s a reason we all use the same plumber, electrician, dentist, doctor — we stick with people we trust. This allows us to find solutions quicker with less headaches.


As an agency, you are good at producing and deploying creative solutions for clients. When technology-related solutions are thrown your way, what do you do? Our team can help you vet mobile-related initiatives so you remain the expert to your client. This strengthens your relationship, creates additional business lines, and increases your revenue. Clients don’t always know if mobile is right for them — you can help them determine if it is through a partnership with Myriad.

Partnership Benefits for Agencies

A partnership, as we see it, is an ongoing, on-demand relationship with an agency that can deliver great products that delight an end client(s).

  • We bring creative/ideation value to the project.
  • We add value from the strategy, design, architecture, and PM perspectives, in addition to the development.
  • We provide a “no headache” hosting/support platform (no infrastructure for agencies to build out).
  • IP definition can be modified for Agency clients, where it makes sense.
  • Agency learns mobile technology at no/low cost.

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