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Real-time access to policies and claims.

This allows customers to monitor active policies and make changes as needed. If a customer has to make a claim, the app makes it simple and easy to do so. Checking in on your claims status is also very easy with access via the mobile app.

Access to latest payments at any time.

Customers can be reassured that payments can be made with minimal effort all while ensuring they are paying for what they need.

Mobile insurance cards.

Customers can use the app to display their insurance card in any state that allows for digital cards. This saves time and gives customers a sense of peace that they always have their card with them anywhere they go.

Access to assigned agent.

No more searching for who your agent is or their contact info. Your app can have your agent assigned to each customer and the customer is just 2 clicks away from getting in touch. Happy customers make happy agents.

Take it anywhere.

Available on iPhone and Android.

Case Study: Nodak Mutual Insurance Company

Myriad Mobile worked with Nodak Mutual Insurance to create a mobile app that brings real-time insurance information to their customers via a branded mobile app. The app gives access to all policy info, agent info, and even a mobile virtual insurance card. Customers can make payments via the app without the hassle of logging in online or writing a check. Nodak customers are extremely satisfied with the app.

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“We’ve found that the information we’re providing our customers and agents access to, via mobile, is really helpful. Paying with your mobile app and using it to access insurance info is great. They absolutely love it.”

-Jim Alexander, President, Nodak Mutual Insurance Company

nodak mutual insurance farm bureau mobile app

“Myriad has done an excellent job of bringing our mobile app to life. The app matches our vision exactly and our customers truly appreciate the deep functionality — reporting claims, making payments, e-insurance cards — all from their mobile device.

-Tony Paris, Chief Information Officer, Pioneer State Mutual Insurance


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