Are you known to be “clutch,” a “secret weapon,” or the “utility player?” You seem to always be there to make the big save and know just about everything in your practice. You probably even have a t-shirt that says “MVP” on the back. If that’s you, we want you to help grow our currently small DevOps/Systems team. As a DevOps engineer, you will become a part of the growing systems team that is responsible for top-down architecture decisions, implementations, and maintenance at Myriad Mobile.

A Myriad DevOps engineer is nimbler than a blind cat sticking the landing from a 14 foot drop. They have a knack for envisioning the long game, but still find short term solutions at the drop of a…cat. Day to day responsibilities include maintaining internal hosting infrastructure as well as a bit of internal staff support (macOS environment.) Planning/implementation of architecture and process improvements will also play a strong role. We strive to keep our systems fast, reliable, updated, and constantly improving. Our platform requires 24/7 reliability (and thus after hours work is sometimes necessary), but it’s currently architected in such a way that we can perform updates/maintenance during normal business hours with no interruptions. We are constantly working on increasing our platform’s redundancy and availability in order to make downtime/evening work a thing of the past.

Our environment is Linux based with a strong emphasis on Kubernetes, Docker, and Google Cloud. We use a variety of languages (Golang, Python, shell, etc.) and tools (Jenkins, helm, terraform, etc.) and focus heavily on automation and documentation. Strong experience with *nix operating systems and basic networking knowledge are musts. Candidates should be comfortable with the shell and at least one scripting language.

A successful Myriad DevOps engineer is an expert problem solver. They can get from A to B quickly while having several different routes on the back burner as safety options. Myriad DevOps are quick to spot the problem, and even quicker in relaying it to other Myriad teams. An excellent communicator, DevOps engineers on our team are ready to talk through systematic problems with internal teams, as well as externally to clients. Our DevOps engineers thrive in their roles as the support in the company. They know it’s a team gig and are happy to collaborate amongst other Myriad team members to reach the best solution.

Please send your resume and a brief email to

Myriad Mobile