Does the thought of bug-ridden code keep you up at night? Are your worst nightmares laced with glitches in web and mobile apps? If you detest the thought of imperfect software, then we want you here as a Quality Assurance Specialist.

As a QA Specialist, your skills align with those of an investigator. You have a sharp eye for every piece of a project and assure that the final edition sparkles with perfection. By working closely with a number of different Myriad teams and projects, you become the liaison between what’s not quite right, and what is ready to be released to the world.

To be a Myriad QA Engineer you should have ahhh-mazing communication abilities. You fling from team to team to ensure each project is up to pace and running functionally. You communicate to clients smoothly and professionally for any support they may need. A Myriad QA has a needle-point eye for details. They can spot a bug with their eyes closed. As a QA, you should have the ability to solve problems efficiently and timely and are self-motivated to do so.

Please send your resume and a brief email to .

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