If your spirit animal is the Android bot, you know you’re meant to be a Myriad Android Engineer. Droid-fever means you zealously study Android standards and you make an oath to adhere to them in each line of code you write. You are a Commander in the Android vs. Apple war. With the Myriad Android Engineering team, you are at your finest hour as you collaborate with Droiders to create brilliant Android work.

A day in the life of an Android Engineer entails collaborating with your people–– fellow Android Engineers–– but also other branches including Design, QA, and Strategy. You will work in Git to manage code while working with teammates. The day to day duties for a Myriad Android engineer includes designing and building advanced applications for the Android platform, and fixing bugs to maintain released applications. You will create projects using the latest APIs from the Android SDK along with many third party libraries.

To demonstrate your Android aptitude, you are able to work both independently and collectively. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby. You are willing to learn as much as you can at a fast pace. You appreciate team feedback and want to hear how you can improve, because you know growth stems from collaboration. You know the platform and want to become an ultimate Android Jedi.

If you have built something, be sure to let us know and link to what you’ve built to showcase your capabilities.

Please send your resume and a brief email to androidalliance@myriadmobile.com.

Myriad Mobile