If you believe you have been beamed down from Apple Headquarters to spread your iOS mastery as an evangelist amongst mere mortals, our iOS team is the place for you. Create with our talented iOS team as you write iOS code and compare Steve Jobs facts. Architecting under Apple standards, you’ll work to write code that provides functional apps for clients that rise above the millions of apps in the Apple App Store.

Tinkering as a Myriad iOS Engineer means you will be teaming up with fellow iOS teammates to develop Apple based apps. In addition to the iOS dream team, you will work closely with other cross-functional teams. This mingling ensures a well-rounded app across all spectrums, as well as a demonstration of Myriad’s team oriented focus. You will build and design advanced applications by using iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques using Swift.

Myriad’s iOS projects include many standard iOS third-party libraries such as Realm, Alamofire, Firebase, EVReflection, Rollbar, SDWebImage, as well as many others, all managed using CocoaPods. We utilize a large portion of the iOS SDK and have developed many internal Pods, processes, and a continuous integration system that enables quick deployment and greatly reduces the time developers spend dealing with the Apple Developer Portal and iTunes Connect.  We have many projects that utilize Xamarin for cross-platform code sharing. On some projects, we dig into the ever-expanding world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality.

To win as a Myriad iOS master, you need to be a team player. You know how to give and receive constructive criticism. You think of the team first in order to develop the highest quality apps. You’re determined to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can. You are a good teammate and aren’t afraid to reach higher and continue to improve your skills and your team.


If you have built something, be sure to let us know and link to what you’ve built to showcase your capabilities.


Please send your resume and a brief email to iosintelligence@myriadmobile.com