Myriad Mobile

Myriad Mobile is seeking an intern to assist in adding new functionality to a service that triggers builds of our product, Bushel. Functionality will be introduced by self-contained scripts, likely written in bash/shell. Scripts will utilize FastLane for various tasks pertaining to Android & iOS app files. There is room for flexibility in how these scripts work, including their language and tools used, as long as the output is the same. The chosen individual should be able to dig around online for other potential easier, better, or faster solutions to accomplish the project’s goal.

Candidates should be familiar with basic bash/shell commands. It is also a nice bonus to be somewhat comfortable with building and publishing routines for Android & iOS apps. Scripts will be maintained by app devs on Bushel. Daily check-ins will be administered during the internship and code reviews will be implemented on all code committed.

Our ultimate goal, beyond completion of this project, is to prepare our interns for full-time employment with Myriad Mobile. If the project is completed before the end of the internship, we will pair you with a software engineer on the platform of your choice for continued learning.

Duration: Monday, January 7th through Friday, May 10th, 2019

Location: Fargo, ND

Please email resume, or questions to